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My name is Christian Frederiksen and I've been living in Zeuthen (a small town outside of Berlin, Germany) for a while now. I was born in Copenhagen Denmark but have lived most of my life in the United States. Most people who know me there, know me as Chris. That's because when I was in the first grade and learning to write - and required to write my name on every piece of paper I touched - writing "Christian" took too long compared with the kids writing "Joe", "Sue", "Jane", or "Bill". I was getting a reputation for being slow.

Later, when I was in high school, someone decided that on all official documents I should be known as "Christian" since that was my legal name. Unfortunately, "back in those days" computers (or at least the one at our school) could only deal with 20 characters in the "name box". So for the system, I became known as "Frederiksen, Christia". I did try to get the folks in the school office to remove that "tia" but they felt that although they couldn't get it right, "Christia" is closer to "Christian" than "Chris" is. Or maybe they just didn't have the right password to change somebody's name once it was enshrined in the computer. For four years, at the start of every semester, in every class, I had to explain to the teacher when he/she first called the role that MY NAME WAS NOT Christia.

Why do I have a website?

Why does anyone set up a website? To share some pictures, and some thoughts, and to sell somthing. Let's get that last thing out of the way first:

Antique Mercury outboard motor for sale:

Please take a look at the outboard motor. It is still in Arizona if you are interested, let me know. To see the pictures:
Click on the Outboard motor link.

Something to share:

Now that the election is over with, here is something to think about. It is about 30 minutes of audio but well worth the time.

By the way, Brian Terrell finished his six month sentence at the Federal Prison Camp in Yankton, South Dakota on May 24, 2013.
Before being released he wrote this:


Ok I've posted some thoughts, but don't expect too much.
Click here (or the Thoughts link) at your own risk.

Zeuthen and life in Germany – NEWS FLASH !!
Seaspray has been back in the water and sailing in Berlin all summer 2013 (except for July when I was away).

I spent the summer of 2006 on the Baltic coast of Germany, buying, working on, and sailing a (new to me) old boat. I sailed/motored from Neustadt (in Holstein) to Berlin. I'm back in Zeuthen and the boat was out of the water for “a bit of repair” at the Dahme Jacht Club. ("Jacht" is German for "Yacht" and that sounds fancy, but it is really a sport sailing club.) on the Seddinsee. There are now three pages of pictures from the first parts of my trip.

Neustadt to Travemünde (or on the Sailing 1 link).
Travemünde to Wismar (or on the Sailing 2 link).
Wismar to Warnemünde (or on the Sailing 3 link).
Stralsund to Berlin (or on the Sailing 4 link).

I plan to post more and write more about the trip but until then, I've also posted a few pictures on the "Rhodes 'Ranger' Community" site at Yahoo Groups.

You can Email me at "chris _"
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